I can provide you with Social Media “insurance”

Believe it or not, but I can actually to some extent make sure that nobody talks badly about your business on Social Media. I have created an app, that uses a little “trick”, which significantly reduces the possibility of somebody sharing something negative about you on Facebook or Twitter, etc.

You see, once somebody are experiencing what they subjectively feel is a bad experience, they are compelled to tell their friends about it. In fact, this urge is so great, that it is 3 times more likely that somebody will tell their friends about a bad experience, compared to how likely they are to tell their friends about a good experience.

The Harvester is a little app, which asks your customers to “rate their experience”. Since it is built upon this basic urge to give negative feedback, it allows you to capture the negative feedback, for then to enter into a dialogue with the person having the bad experience, which again in most cases results in that the bad experience is never shared publicly.

When people have voiced their opinions once, and felt that they have been heard, and taken seriously – They will purely from a statistical point of view be much less likely to share their bad experiences publicly. This is basic psychology and human nature. Hence, by creating a “firewall” between your business and social media, giving your customers the opportunity to voice their experience in private – You basically “bury shit” to “grow flowers”. Hence, my little app is named the “Harvester”.

If a customer supplies a good rating, the customer is immediately encouraged to sharing his good experience with his friends on Facebook. If he or she supplies a bad rating, the system will apologise on behalf of your company, and give you a golden opportunity to enter into a private email dialogue with the person, giving you a second chance to turn a bad experience into a good experience.

Below is a screenshot of an example installation I have done for a friend of mine.

The whole point with this app, is that you must make it as easily available as you possibly can for your customers, by for instance supplying a QR code, or a computer, laptop, etc in your retail location. You could for instance put a QR code like the one below at the door, such that all your guests can see it, as they are leaving your business. Then supply a header above the QR code saying for instance …

Rate your experience

By doing that, you are playing upon basic human nature, and significantly increase the likely hood of somebody having a bad experience, entering into a private dialogue with you, instead of sharing his or her experience with everybody else on Facebook.

And if they supply a good rating, they are highly likely to share it with their friends on Facebook, turning one happy customer into many happy customers. The system can also be setup to profile times of the day, individual employees, etc, etc, etc – Allowing you to have full control of your customer service, even from the other side of the earth, since every time somebody rates anything in your business, you’ll get an email with the rating, their private comment, and everything else related to their experience.

The system can be customised any ways you see fit, to match your existing design, profile, and so on. You can also add your own images, additional marketing material such as videos, etc, etc, etc. One of my personal favourite ideas, is to allow only people giving you a good rating to also rate you on Yelp and TripAdvisor 😉

And every time somebody gives you their email address, which all who rates your business must do – You have legal consent to sending them marketing emails in the future. I probably shouldn’t say this out loud myself, but I simply can’t help myself …

It’s actually quite brilliant 😀

In case you are interested in hearing more about the Harvester, feel free to toss me an email using the form below 🙂


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