Turn every happy customer into 155 more happy customers

Imagine if you could turn every happy customer you have into 155 more happy customers. Actually, this is kind of easy to be honest with you. The average Facebook user has 155 friends. Most people trust their friends to give them advice. If a friend of mine tells me that he knows the best restaurant in town, I am likely to believe him, and visit the restaurant myself. Most restaurants, bars, hotels, and other businesses have dozens of happy customers each day. Imagine if you could somehow make all of these happy customers recommend your business to their 155 friends on Facebook?

The Harvester allows you to do just that. It plays on basic human psychology, to allow people to tell their stories, allowing them to tell their friends what a great time they had. This is the basic psychology behind Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, that makes us spend more and more time in front of these services. Human nature is geared towards telling everybody else what a great life we have. This is why most people on Instagram and Facebook are smiling when they share photos of themselves.

Rate the Harvester

In addition to letting your guests share their experience, you also get their email address, and consent to market directly to them yourself. They also get your email address, and can use it to make a booking, ask you questions, etc. Basically, it gives you 100% control over your marketing efforts, and also to some extent what people are saying about your business in public. For the record, this is probably needless to say, but I’ll say it anyway …

Only happy customers, giving you a good rating, are allowed to share their rating on Facebook and Twitter

You can also encourage people giving you a good rating to further rate you on Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc – Facilitating for only nice things about your business shared in the public space. You also own the data, ratings, comments, and everything – And you can administrate your data yourself as you wish. If you interested in hearing more, you can either leave me a rating by using the Harvester idea above yourself, and try out the process – Or you can shoot me an email using the form below.


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