How to significantly improve your TripAdvisor score

I have created an “app” that can significantly improve your TripAdvisor score – And I am selling this app, to small mom’n’pop shops, who wants to improve their social media status. The app is based upon a simple trick of human psychology, and prevents guests from your establishment who are having a bad experience, from rating you at TripAdvisor.

The idea of the app, is that you encourage your guests to rate your business, using a QR code at the exit of your restaurant, bar, hotel, etc. As people rate your business, only those giving you a good rating are brought onwards to a “rating profile page”. This rating profile page, gives your customer links to Facebook, Twitter, TripAdvisor, etc – Further encouraging them to rate, and/or share their experience with their friends. If a customer is giving you a bad review, the software system will apologise on behalf of the establishment, trying to enter into a private dialogue with the guest, to prevent him from sharing his bad review. Basically, the app gives you a “second chance” to fix things, if a customer has a bad experience – BEFORE his rating is shared in public! Below is an example of how it works.

Rate your experience

The app is called the “Harvester”, because it is inspired by agriculture. A farmer arguably needs to “bury shit” in order to “grow flowers”. The “Harvester” arguably is an implementation of just that. It buries bad words, to nurture and grow nice words. It requires each rater to leave his email address, and explicitly gives you the legal right to market directly to your guests, using their email address. It allows you to control every single rating and comment, and censor it as you see fit. You can export all ratings, together with the email addresses to a CSV file, allowing you to import the emails into e.g. Vertical Response or Mail Chimp to create email blasts. And of course, it features “double opt in”, to have guests confirm their email address. Basically, it gives you 100% control of every single aspect of its data. Below is a screenshot of its dashboard interface, from where you can edit, manage, and export your ratings as you see fit.

If you want to try it out, you can scan the QR code at the top of this page. I must admit that I had to go several philosophical rounds with myself, before I could create this system. Arguably, the system is built upon censorship, which we are taught is a “bad thing”. If you’re interested in seeing my philosophical arguments for why I created the Harvester, you can read my article about it at If you’re interested in hearing more about this, feel free to contact me using the contact form below, or shoot me an email at


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