I can provide you with thousands of free Facebook ads

My ex-wife has a business, and she is using Facebook ads to promote it. She claims it’s extremely efficient, and provides her with tons of new business opportunities. I can give you everything she gets by paying Facebook, and I can give it to you, without you having to send Marc Zuckerberg as much as a single dime! I can even give you a significantly higher amount of conversion on your ads, than a paid ad would give you. Sounds too great to be true? Read onwards to understand how it works.

Imagine having all your happy customers sharing a Micro Blog about your business with all their friends on Facebook. Now if your best friend tells you that a specific restaurant is the best in town, would you believe him more than you’d believe a Facebook ad? Obviously!

I have created a software system that allows your happy guests to create a “Micro Blog”, about your business, and share it with their friends, on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, VK, etc, etc, etc. This results in that your happy customers ends up recommending your business in Social Media. Since the average Facebook user has 155 Facebook friends …

… you get the point … ūüėČ

It works by you encouraging your customers to “rate their experience”. Humans are simple. Once asked about their opinions, they’re for the most parts compelled to giving it. Hence, a lot of your customers, will choose to do just that. Try it out for yourself if you don’t believe me …

Rate my idea

Then after they have voiced their opinion, they will be allowed to share their opinion with their friends – But ONLY if they give you a good rating! If they give you a bad rating, the system will apologise, and give your business a “second chance” to change their opinion about your business. I sell this system to businesses wanting to increase their social media coverage, hence it’s a system where you control every aspect of what is said about your business. Don’t like a particular rating, simply¬†delete it! Its data is YOURS! Contrary to Facebook, where you’ll have to bribe Zuckerberg, to de-emphasise a posting, to save your business from going bankrupt.

You own the data, 100%!

Now for the record, when I said “giving you Facebook ads for free”, I was slightly exaggerating. Simply since I need to charge you for setting up this system, and hosting it for you. After all, since I am based upon serving your needs as a business owner, instead of my advertisers (I have none), I am forced to actually charge companies for using it. You see, Facebook is serving their users and their advertisers. I however, I am serving YOU! And my service is as follows …

Imagine every single happy customer you have, telling all their friends on Facebook, that your business is simply the best. How much would that be worth for you …?

Read more about the system on this blog by reading some of my previous articles about it

Your business is simply the best!!

And it’s worth it!


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