SEO, I can give you thousands of inbound links, without violating Google’s rules

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the art of making sure your website is found when people search for something. A good SEO score is often the difference between a billionaire merchant, and a struggling mom’n’pop shop. Google is built upon an algorithm called “PageRank”. PageRank measures your website according to how many inbound links your site has. Hence, a page with thousands of “inbound link”, will normally be preferred by Google, instead of a page with only a handful of inbound links. Google refers to this as the “democracy of hyperlinks”.

There are probably thousands of companies selling inbound links to other companies, claiming to provide SEO services, for the above reasons. And a good existing domain, with many inbounds links, and a high PageRank score, will often sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. I once was the proud owner of a page with 7/8 in PageRank. Others would offer me tens of thousands of dollars to buy my domain for that simple reason. I never sold it … 😉

In the SEO business however, there are the “black hat SEO guys”, and the “white hat SEO guys”. The “black hats” are the ones trying to “game the system”. Every time Google discovers a “black hat SEO technique”, they will invalidate all inbounds links, and often eliminate your website out of their SERP (Search Engine Result Page) – Leading to you going literally bankrupt, over night. Piece of advice, don’t buy links, it leads to suffering, period! However, according to Google’s rules, a valid link, is an “organic link”, providing additional information about the subject, being based upon “organic content”, from “real living human beings comments and information” – In contrary to bots and other black hat schemes.

I have invented a system which gives you just that. It gives you real inbounds links, to your website, with real living peoples’ comments, adding real and organic information about your links to Google crawlers. Hence, according to Google’s own rules, it’s a perfectly valid way to acquire inbound links. Simply because the links are “organic”, and they’re based upon real human beings creating them, adding personal comments about your website in the process.

This implies that if you can get thousands of such links to your website, then people searching for something relevant to your business, will find you on the first page at Google’s search index as they do their search. And I can prove it! More than a year ago, I had 298,365 readers on this very blog you are reading, in ONE DAY! Most of whom came through Facebook and Google. Still today, my website is easily found in Google’s search index. If I had applied “black hat SEO techniques”, my website would vanish from their index. In my first company, I would have more than 1,000 visitors from Google every day, and I achieved it in less than a year! Simply by providing real organic content to my website, every single day, by making sure I would blog about something relevant to my business, every single day!

Of course, not everybody has the literal capacity I have, and are able to write multiple organic blogs, every single day. Which is why I invented a system that allows you to make sure all your customers write “micro blogs” about your business. Imagine having all your happy customers, write one Micro Blog about your website, every single day, and share their Micro Blog on their own personal Facebook profile …?

The trick is to have real living human beings, write relevant content about your business, referring people back to your website – For then to have these same users share their own words on Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc – Which organically grows your inbound links, leading to a steady increase of people finding you on Google.

How you may ask …?

Well, that’s the easy parts. Scan the QR code below, and imagine that the profile page you come to after having rated, contains an inbound link to your website. Then realise that the profile page you come to, after voting, can easily provide any links you want for it to provide, leading back to your website, allowing your customers to share their “micro blog” on Facebook, Twitter, etc – Facilitating for an organic and natural growth in your inbound links – Resulting in that your PageRank score slowly increases over time, without having to wear that dreaded “black hat”. The reasons being that everybody rating you, would be real living human beings, sharing that same link on Facebook, Twitter, VK, LinkedIn, etc, etc, etc.

Hence, you don’t have to game the system, if you can simply game your customers 😉

Read more about the product here, here, and here, or use the contact form below to hear more about the “Harvester”


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