Have your best customers posting about your business every day in Social Media

How would you feel if I told you that you could have your happy customers becoming your advocates on Facebook, Twitter, etc – AND post new and relevant content about your awesome service and product, every single day on Facebook?

95% of all businesses in this world are not active on Facebook. Everybody who’s tried, knows why – It takes time, effort, and resources. Hence, what I am proposing, is arguably the holy grail in advertising, and Mark Zuckerberg in fact once referred to it as just that. Simply since humans are 300% more likely to believe something their friends recommends, than something a random Facebook ad recommends. So imagine if you could have your existing happy customers recommend your business to all of their friends?

But instead of me explaining you how this works, I will ask you to simply scan the following QR code, and imagine a similar code in your restaurant, hotel, bar etc. Then imagine what something like that could do for your business …


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