We can create hundreds of high quality blogs for your company, every single day

Blogging is arguably the “Holy Grail” of social media marketing. I happen to be a natural when it comes to blogging, and I can easily create dozens of high quality blogs, every single day. However, most companies and business owners are not like me. I have therefor created an app, that allows your business to get possibly hundreds of high quality blogs, every single day, from your most loyal existing customers, without paying them as much as a dime! The app is really simple, and allows you to put a QR code on your products, or at your retail location, such as the one that is shown below – Which is just an example.

Rate the Harvester, a Micro Blogging SMO, SMM and SEO tool for your business

Then you can place a simple one liner above it saying e.g. “Rate your experience/our products/our restaurant/etc”. When you ask humans for their opinions, many of them feel compelled to give it to you. Hence, by making a QR code such as the above one highly visible, encouraging people to “rate you” – You are highly likely to have lots of people actually giving you their opinions. As they do, the effectively write a “micro blog” about your business. You can see one example of such a micro blog here.

Every aspect of the app can be customised any ways you see fit. We can modify its design to fit whatever needs you feel for, and we can add any additional content into the “profile page”, which is the page your customers come to after they have rated. The process is very easy to follow for your customers, since they only have to fill in three fields to write their “micro blog”. There is no registration required, or any other complicated steps necessary to follow, to leave a “comment/rating/micro-blog” behind. Check the screenshot below for an example of how this might look like for you customers.

When your customers have filled out the above form, they are brought to a “profile page”, which could look like the following.

Playing on peoples’ need to be seen doing nice things, a profile such as the one above, makes it highly likely that they will click one of the “share buttons” above. At which point all their friends can see their “micro blog”. As their friends click the link, and visits the micro blog, they are brought to something looking like the following.

The parts beneath the horizontal line above, are basically your marketing pitch. It can contain images, youtube videos, a map, a link to your website, pictures from your restaurant, product information, etc, etc, etc – Basically anything you want it to contain. Here’s an example. And every aspect of the app is created to make it as likely as possible for your customers ending up sharing their experience with their friends, effectively marketing your business in the process.

Hence, from your customers’ point of view, they are sharing their experience with their friends. While from Google and Facebook’s point of view, they are creating highly valuable information about your business, making it more visible online, adding relevant information about your business. While from your point of view, they’re basically marketing your business, to their friends on Facebook and Twitter, etc …

The holy grail of advertising is having your friends suggest products – Mark Zuckerberg

The app is also created with SEO in mind, making it extremely search engine optimised, allowing for your own website, Facebook page, etc, to gain a significantly better ranking in Google and other search engines. And since we know for a fact that a recommendation from a Facebook friend is 300% more likely to create conversion for a company, than a random Facebook ad, this is arguably the Holy Grail of marketing.

For the record, I once had a website increase in traffic from 92 daily visitors, to 298,365 page views per day – And I did it in two days! I also did it without electricity, from a cabin far out in the forrest, with a solar cell panel as my only source for charging my laptop, a 3G router, no running water, and a marketing budget of ZERO dollars – And I did it because of a handful of blogs. So I should know what I am talking about … šŸ˜‰

The Harvester is by default configured such that only positive reviews will be possible to share to Facebook and Twitter, etc. In addition, you get all of your customers’ email address in the process, and the explicit consent to market directly to them. And you can setup the system to send you an email with all the data, every time somebody writes such a “micro blog/review” of your restaurant. Effectively giving you 100% control over your own marketing efforts. If you’re interested in hearing more about our app, services in general, etc, feel free to toss us an email using the form below.


2 thoughts on “We can create hundreds of high quality blogs for your company, every single day

  1. Great idea, especially since most business owners claim they don’t have time to blog – I say, you can’t afford not to blog. However, I am not sure, do people still scan QR codes – I need to check the stats on that because I removed that app from my phone years ago.

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