The church of Lazarus in Larnaca, Cyprus – Magic’s in the air

There are few places in this world you could claim really possess magical qualities, the Church of Lazarus in Larnaca is one of those though. According to legend, this is where Lazarus from the Bible was buried, after he had been resurrected by Jesus, having lived some 30+ more years. Inside of the church, you can see his bones, and you can visit his tomb underneath the church itself.

During the night, the church is lit up with down lights, making its presence ambient and mystical. During the daytime, when it is open, you can literally time travel through the parts of our history, most others are condemn to only reading about in the Bible.

According to legend, after Lazarus had been resurrected, he came to Cyprus by boat, and lived out the rest of his life in Larnaca, where he became the island’s first Christian bishop. There are many beautiful anecdotes about his life, one of my favourites is as follows.

After Lazarus had been resurrected by Jesus, he could never laugh again, because of the things he had seen when he was dead. However, once a man stole an fruit from another man, as to which Lazarus laughed and said; “Hehe, mud is stealing mud”

This might be difficult to believe in for a man without faith, but every anecdote such as the above one, serves a purpose – Often a purpose of ethical and moral dilemmas. Can you understand the purpose of the above anecdote …?

Regardless of whether or not you’re a believer or not, this is none the less one of those places you simply have to see before you die 🙂


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