Thank you for all the love

Trust is an interesting thing from a psycho-sociological perspective. If you trust me, and I tell you that I trust another person – That other person starts out with a net positive from your perspective. This is the way human psychology work. The technical term for this, is that trust, at least to some extent, is “transitive”.

On the other side, a person whom nobody can say anything positive about, will find it difficult to be trusted by anyone. This is why it is so important for you to make sure that others are able to at least say something positive about you, and for you to have others being willing to “vouch” for you. To illustrate that fact, I’d like to tell you a story.

Two recruits met in the army, and decided that every time somebody asked them about the other guy, they would always say something positive about that other guy. After just some few years, they had both been promoted to generals, and both of them became the youngest generals in the history of the Dutch army.

This is why it is so important for companies, and people in general, to have others being able to say something positive about them. Companies will go to great lengths to make sure of that their customers and partners are able to say only positive things about them in the public space. Most company websites, puts testimonials from their customers and partners at “prime real estate”. Below you can find some testimonials about me, from people I have known for a long time, and whom I trust, and whom I find to be trustworthy and amazing people – All in their own unique ways. These are people who knows me well, and who knows me very well.

Alec Rutger Poruba

Alec is a brilliant young entrepreneur, one of those we could definitely need more of in this world. He has an amazing network of brilliant minds, all around the world, and is a close and personal friends of me. Alec is highly capable of “thinking outside of the box”. To Alec, the glass is always half full. Alec wrote about me.

Thomas Hansen is the most genius person I have ever met when it comes to IT. He is so clever that he often gets misunderstood, but if you can see his potential and use it, he will elevate your business to new heights! I highly recommend working with Thomas.

You can read his endorsement of me here.

Spiros Jaren

Spiros is a loyal and good friend. If you’re in trouble, Spiros will support you, and help you. Always ready to support those in needs, and never afraid for telling you how things really are. Spiros is originally from Kos in Greece, but lives in Norway. Spiros wrote about me. (Norwegian)

anbefales og real med sannheten pang på burdet

You can read his endorsement of me here.

Ishmahin Micella Bohn

Ishmahin is a courageous girl, never afraid of adventures, and always supportive of her friends. She’s a caring mother, and takes better care of her 4 dogs, than most others takes care of their family. Wise, compassionate, loving and caring. You can read Ishmahin’s endorsement of me here. However, you can also read her endorsement of me below.

Our experience with Thomas is of an honest, good hearthed, good intentional, very reliable and responsable man to deal with. He portrayes himself as attentive, smart and solution-oriented and with a warm and nice personality. Can very well blend a nice tone of friendship with work related bussiness – what have made him a very nice experience for us and others

How did I get these?

That’s probably the most important part. You see, I have created a software system, which allows you to “Harvest” your love. From one point of view, it’s a marketing tool. From another point of view, it’s a tool that allows for trust to surface, become visible, and hopefully create some of that transitive effect – Allowing for having great people and ideas becoming more visible.

If you want to try it out, feel free to do so here. Now of course, if I told you that I was a genius, warm hearted, loyal, etc – You’d probably think I was full of bs, and that I was bragging about myself. However, these aren’t my words. These are the words of close and personal friends of me, whom have known me for a long time, and whom I have found to be loyal and trustworthy people. And they are words from people who are willing to publicly share their belief in me, with everybody they know, on Facebook. Below are some more reviews of me. Some of these are in Norwegian, but you can probably translate them yourself if you wish.

All of the above testimonials have also been publicly shared by those who wrote them, on their own Facebook profiles. This means a lot to me, and will hopefully help me to acquire more trust, also from others, since it will hopefully attract new clients and customers of my service. The average Facebook user has 155 friends. By me sending some of my friends a simple PM, asking them to publicly endorse me, through my “Harvester”, I was able to have 10 people du just that, in some few hours, which resulted in that I was hopefully able to reach 1550 people, all of whom now probably trusts me at least a little bit more, since I could make so many of my friends publicly endorse me, and say something positive about me. The words above, are literally worth their weight in gold for me. Thank you my Friends ❤

Do you want this?

If you want a similar system for your business, I can easily setup one for you. In fact, the system that allowed for my friends to write these nice words about me, is a system which I have developed myself. All of the above testimonials about me, were created just tonight, due to me setting up the system, and sending my friends a simple PM, asking them to “rate me”. There are so many great ideas, people, and companies out there, but they’re often difficult to find unfortunately, since our public spaces seems to drown in negativity. I want great ideas, people, and companies to become more visible, and dystopian outlooks to drown in flowers and love. If you want me to setup the system for your business, feel free to toss me an email, using the form below.

Because ❤ matters!!

If you know me, you can write your endorsement of me here 🙂


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