Creating a web based DBMS with 414 lines of code

Most frameworks can’t even wire up their Ajax requests with 414 lines of code, and before stuff such as autocomplete, syntax highlighting, paging, editing of items, etc is done, most DBMS systems are up there in the somewhere between 50KLOC and 500KLOC of code. With Phosphorus Five and Hyperlambda, I built a DBMS with 414 lines of code.

To put that into perspective, realise that even a simple widget such as the Bootstrap DateTimePicker is roughly 5,000 lines of JavaScript code. With Hyperlambda, I built a complete DBMS, with less than 10% of the code. And it’s **blistering fast**! Watch the video to see for yourself.

There is a point to it. It might sound like I’m bragging. If I am, I am not bragging about myself, but rather Phosphorus Five. The more I work with P5, the faster I am able to create new complex solutions, and less code is needed to create my solutions.


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