Hyper IDE, a web based IDE for 100+ programming languages

The latest fresh release of Phosphorus Five now contains a complete integrated development environment for your browser. Yup, it works perfectly fine through your browser. Hyper IDE supports more than 100 programming languages and syntaxes, ranging from Python and Ruby in one end, to C++, C#, F# and “Brainfuck” in the other end (Yup, Brainfuck is an actual programming language for the record). HTML, JavaScript and CSS, complete with AutoCompletion and Syntax Highlighting is obviously a given.

It basically allows you to develop from anywhere, by converting your web server to a development server, having complete access to everything through your browser, using standard HTML and JavaScript technology. Arguably, it’s “Visual Studio for your browser”. It features integrated minify support for both JavaScript and CSS, in addition to integrated Git support, and compiler support, through the ability to write shell/cmd scripts, that you can execute within some context, through your browser.

Develop anything from anywhere, Get Hyper, Get Hyper IDEa

Obviously, it’s Open Source … 😉


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