How I replicated a billion dollar project in 7 days

Hallelujah, I am rich!!

Disclaimer; I don’t know the actual cost of developing and maintaining Visual Studio, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a billion dollars is its total cost, over the 30+ years it has existed, considering its strategic importance to Microsoft, and its feature set.

Background; This article tries to explain two diseases in the system development community, which is the “not invented here syndrome”, and the “we need an app syndrome”. A great example of that is my local libraries “book app”, which my girlfriend tends to use a lot to read books. The obvious question is why did the library build it as an app in the first place? Of course, understanding psychology to some extent as I do, and understanding software development, as I also arguably do – The obvious answer to that is hysteria, due to the “we need an app syndrome”. Facts are, 99.9% of the “apps” that exists in this world, should never have been built as “apps”, but rather built upon HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Which arguably is my punchline for this article, and something I wanted to prove, by illustrating just how advanced “apps” you could create, without using anything but HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

Motivation; My motivation for writing this article, was the comments at about another guy who did something similar. So this article is arguably a comment to that thread.

Anyways, I arguably created Visual Studio in 7 days, and I created it in such a way, that it works on Linux, Mac, Windows, iPhones, Androids, iPads, Tablets in general, and probably your grandma’s fridge, if it has a browser. In fact, if I truly wanted to, I’d probably have it working on Lynx if I wanted to. The only reason why I could do that, is because I do not suffer from neither the “not invented here syndrome”, nor do I suffer from the “we need an app syndrome”. If you don’t believe me, I encourage you to watch this video, for then to download the code, and check it out for yourself. So basically …

I created a billion dollar “app” in 7 days!


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