Using the Bible to prove Jesus didn’t die for your sins

Hallelujah, Jesus lives!!

Most Christians will argue that the Bible is the true word of God. At the same time, they will put forth the Bible as proof of that Jesus died for their sins. These are two fundamental incompatibilities, due to the fact of that if you actually try to take the Bible seriously, as the true word of God – What it actually tells us is that Jesus didn’t die for your sins! Let me go through the arguments …


The reasons why the Romans were using crucifixion as capital punishment, was because it was a particular cruel form of punishment. Modern scientists have studied the phenomena, and found that it normally takes at least 72 hours before a healthy man in his prime dies from the process. This of course was intentional, since they wanted the crucified person to scare others “with ideas”, as he was suffocating on the cross. The problem is that according to the gospels, Jesus only spent 6-9 hours on the cross, depending upon which of the gospels you read. Purely from a physiological point of view, it would therefor have been theoretically impossible for Jesus to have died during his crucifixion.

Embalming process

Then comes the problem of the herbs his disciples brought into Jesus’ tomb. According to the official dogma, his disciples brought embalming herbs into Jesus’ tomb. These herbs are mentioned by name in specific places in the Bible. The problem with these herbs, is that they’re not the herbs you would normally use for embalming. In fact, they were commonly known at the time for healing wounds. If Jesus was dead, why would his disciples bring healing herbs into his tomb? And for that matter, if God had resurrected Jesus, why would he leave his wounds as scars at all …?

The spear

At this point Christians will argue that Jesus was pierced with a spear through his torso. This is true. The “problem” for the official dogma though, is that he was pierced on the right side of his torso. Hint; The heart is on the left side of your torso. Even 2,000 years ago, such a wound would be relatively easy to heal. For those who don’t remember the story at this point, one of the two remaining guards were given the job of breaking the legs of the 3 people crucified this day; Jesus and the two thieves that is. The guard broke the legs of the two thieves, but when he came to Jesus, he told the other guard that Jesus is already dead, and that there’s no point in breaking Jesus’ legs. The reason why this is important, is because by breaking the legs, death becomes imminent when you are crucified. The reasons for this, is because as you are crucified, what you are dying from, is actually suffocation, due to not being able to hold your weight up anymore. Hence, if you break the legs of the one who is crucified, you hasten the process of dying.

There are other passages in the Bible around this area, which also implied that the guard who broke Jesus’ legs, actually was a “secret follower” of Jesus – And possibly might have been more loyal to Jesus, than his emperor. I guess you’ll just have to read the source to find out how though … 😉

Hallelujah, Jesus lives

However, obviously the most crucial part of the story, is the fact that 3 days afterwards, Jesus simply walked out of his tomb. I don’t mean to be blunt here, but duuh …!! – Obviously he didn’t die. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think neither Jesus, nor his disciples consciously lied. They probably believed that he had died (at least some of them). But once you actually start thinking about it, it’s pretty obvious he didn’t …

And if Jesus didn’t even die, how could he have died for your sins …?

Other paradoxes

The rest of the story of Jesus is also filled with paradoxes. Most of my readers for instance, have probably heard the theories that Dan Brown in his DaVinci code made famous. I have my own little “addition” to this theory myself, which goes like the following.

During the last supper, Jesus raised a toast, and shared some bread, and spoke the following words “This is my blood, this is my flesh”. I have never been previously able to make sense of these parts before just quite recent. However, there is one argument that actually makes sense of it, which was if Mary Magdalene was pregnant. If Mary had a tummy, and stood up, and Jesus said “This is my blood and my flesh”, as he was pointing at Mary’s tummy – All of a sudden the entire idea of the last supper starts making sense. First of all, it would provide a reason for celebration (which they clearly did), second of all it provide context for the words of Jesus. The alternative explanation implies Jesus was some sort of schizophrenic or mad man, not being able to separate between his blood and a glass of wine. However, with a child in Mary’s stomach, it all of a sudden actually makes sense. Besides, at also creates a full circle for Jesus, arguably doing the same act of compassion and courage as his father once did before Jesus was born.

By letting his disciples know that they had to “hide” his child with Mary, Jesus was protecting his own child. After all, Jesus had been announced the “King of the Jews”. This wasn’t a popularity contest, to say the least (obviously). And since during these days, the idea of Kingship was inherited from father to son, growing up as Jesus’ child, would be considered extremely “unhealthy” to say the least. Hence, the disciples were told to shut the fuck up, and don’t tell a living soul the truth about the last supper, simply as an act of compassion, to save Jesus’ child. In such a way, Jesus was arguably living the law of the old testament, which says “The sins of the father shall not be bestowed unto the child”.

By simply not saying anything about the subject, slowly others started theorising about the meaning of this, until it became a part of the official dogma that (whatever, I don’t even remotely understand the official dogma here) …!!

Virgin birth

Most sane and sceptic minds realise Virgin birth is obviously a lie. And hence we tend to dismiss the entirety of the Bible as a whole. The problem with that, is that you actually dismiss 2,000 years of esoteric and gnostic wisdoms, conveyed to us, with a purpose, implying a deeper meaning. The Virgin birth is one of my favourites in such a regard. To understand why, we must travel 2,000 years back in time, and ask ourselves about the culture relativistic context from within this lie was told.

When the Pharisees discovered Mary, she was pregnant, with a huge stomach. Hiding this, would have been impossible for her. This created a problem, which was that she was supposed to be stoned to death, for not being married. Josef (one of my favourite Bible characters) comes running out, and screams to the crowd, with absolute conviction; “She is still a virgin. It is the child of God”. Obviously Josef was in love with Mary, and this was an act of compassion, both to Mary, and to her unborn child. So Josef’s lie saved Jesus life. Which creates an interesting paradox for us. If we imagine Jesus having a heavenly father, arguably it was the “lie” that was his heavenly father. Now who is the anthropomorphised incarnation of “the lie” in the Bible …?

Facts are, once you actually take the Bible seriously, as an accurate description of something that happened 2,000 years ago in Jerusalem – It becomes arguably the scientific proof of that the Christian dogma is in its entirety a lie. If you are an atheist, the best way to proof your point of view, arguably hence becomes to actually read the Bible …

So why is this important?

I have been labeled a fruitcake conspiracy theorist, because of my obsession with the Bible and Jesus. However, this subject happens to be the wedge that has been driven into the single largest and most persistent conflict on this Earth, for almost 2,000 years now. The conflict between the Jews, Islam, Christianity (and later) Atheism. So arguably, if we can solve this problem, there would be no conflict between these ideologies. In such a way, the truth becomes the “compromise” most could (maybe?) live with.

First of all, it gives the Jews some slack, since if Jesus didn’t die, we can’t blame them for his death anymore. Secondly, the above explanation implies Mohammed was right to some extent, since the belief in that Jesus wasn’t crucified, is integral to Islam. Third of all, it gives atheists the ability to read the Bible, and use it as a source for wisdom about and from God. In fact, an atheist could say “Yup, the Bible is the true word of God, I agree with you, and it proves Jesus didn’t die for your sins. In addition it cuts the Christians some slack against Islam and Atheism, because the only way a Muslim and an Atheist can prove his faith, is to accept the Bible as the true word of God. However, the most important parts of the Truth, is as follows …

Sorry, you can’t kill another man for your sins. It is simply impossible! And that is the TRUE Miracle of the Bible!

As a final side note, I would like to for the official record state that I truly believe in Jesus. I love the guy, and I hope to be able to become more like him. And the more I humanise him, the easier this becomes for me!

Hallelujah, Jesus lives!


Now if Jesus had a child, and we don’t know who it was, how do we know that the one we judge is not his descendant, the True King of the Jews, the Emperor of the World, the almighty God in the flesh? Facts are, there doesn’t exist a single human being on this planet, you could hurt, without risking hurting the child of Jesus! We are all children of Jesus, and we should all be treated as such!


Jesus from Nazareth
Prophet Muhammed, PBUH
Joseph Smith
And last, but not least, the Almighty God, Allah! The creator of the seven universes, and the sole judge on judgment day!

Do not stone the child of God! We are all children of Jesus!



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