Lifting God’s curse from Babylon

This app is unfortunately not open source, since I created it for a customer of mine – However, it illustrates fairly well the richness of Phosphorus Five when creating your own apps. It arguably allows the deaf, the blind, the mute, and the illiterate, to read, write, speak, hear, and communicate, back and forth, between any language they want to communicate in. Hence, a blind Japanese woman can through this app, communicate with a deaf, mute and illiterate Brazilian woman, even though they have no common frame of reference to communicate through.

The app was made entirely with Phosphorus Five, and Hyperlambda, and can be localised into any language you wish. It can translate between written words to images, spoken words and phrases, text, etc, etc, etc. In addition, it can also translate between all languages, arguably becoming a Rosetta stone, or a Babel fish if you like. In a way, it arguably executes the command “undo” on the curse from Babylon, cast unto humanity, because humans wanted to become like God. In case you don’t remember your Sunday school lessons here, let me repeat it rapidly, before I let you watch my video of this app.

Man wanted to be like God, and built a tower that reached into the Heavens. As a punishment for this, God gave all humans different languages, and made them incapable of communicating with each other, and scattered them around all the world.

Now assuming I could lift that curse, using computer technology – Would that be considered blasphemy? Watch the video, and please provide me with an answer to my question, if you can. For the record, the app also translates between 50-100 different languages.


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