If Google can’t create web apps, what makes you think YOU can?

The header of this blog might sound absurd, especially considering that Google is one of the largest companies on the planet, employing some of the best web developers on the planet. Hence, the first thing I must obviously do, is to prove that they can’t create web apps. However, I don’t have to do this, because Google have already proven it themselves.

Do me a favour, visit this link, and make sure you turn on “Inspect” in for instance Google Chrome. Then open the “Network” tab, and turn OFF your browser cache. Then “refresh” your page. Below is a screenshot of how your page should look like.

For any web developer out there, explaining the above screenshot, should not be necessary! If you don’t “get it”, go pick up a book about web development. ANY book about web development!

My second prove comes from the fact of that if you visit Apple’s App Store, you can actually download a thick client app, that allows you to check your GMail email. Do I seriously even need to explain why this proves my point …?

My third proof, is that there exists an “alternative view” for GMail, which you’re being asked if you want to use instead as you start GMail. It says roughly, quote; “Click here if you have a slow internet connection”. Facts are, there’s almost no company in existence in the world today that knows how to create web apps. At least not well. Below is a screenshot of Twitter BTW, to make sure I bash them too, equally much …

So let me finish with my punchline, which you’ve arguably already read …

If Google can’t create web apps, what makes you think YOU can do it?

Hint; There exists a solution, which BTW, for the record, looks like this. You can try it out for yourself here


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