Performing 1,000,000x better than Google

I love neutral metrics, simply because they don’t lie, and arguing against them, is like arguing that the Earth is flat. Hence, neutral metrics allows us to get our points through, in a scientific and verifiable manner. In such a way, they become the punchline that is impossible to argue against. Below is a chart of the difference in bandwidth consumption between GMail, Twitter and Hyper IDE. It was measured on an empty cache, using Google’s own tool – Google Chrome Inspect!

Below is the data I collected to create the above chart. First GMail.

Then Twitter …

Then Hyper IDE …

My results are of course reproducible. I assume you can find GMail and Twitter yourselves. Here is Hyper IDE, in case you want to verify my math. For the record, Hyper IDE is a fully fledged web based integrated development environment, supporting more than 100 programming languages out of the box. It also allows you to create rich and complex web apps, with a server side back end, in 0.649 seconds. Below you can see the last number verified.

Hyper IDE’s initial release was built in 7 days, which you can verify yourself on its GitHub page, and read an article about here. Hence, when I said 1,000,000x, I was in fact not exaggerating. Accumulated, these numbers becomes somewhere between 50 and 300 orders of magnitudes. So a more accurate number would be …

1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,……….. – AKA; One Googol

PS, I wrote it without the spelling error … 😉


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