Become a web app developer in 2 days – ZERO HTML, JavaScript or CSS knowledge required

One of the nicer traits about Phosphorus Five, is that it allows you to create highly optimised, rich, interactive, and secure web apps – Without requiring you to know any HTML, JavaScript, or CSS – Or HTTP for that matter.

The above might sound absurd, but really it’s quite easily understood, once you understand how the development model of Phosphorus Five works. Hyperlambda and Phosphorus Five simply “reduces” HTML, JavaScript, and CSS down to “assembly code”. What I mean by that, is that to Hyperlambda HTML, JavaScript, and CSS has the same “function” as assembly code and machine code has to C++, Java or C#. Obviously when you write C++ code, it becomes machine code. However, you don’t need to worry about that!

One of the defining traits of (good) C/C++ compilers, is that they can almost always optimise your code, such that it for all practical concerns executes faster, than assembly code written by most developers. This is because a well written compiler can easily do things which are simply too complex for the human mind to understand, such as taking advantage of pipelining, L1 cache, etc. The same trait happens to exist within Hyperlambda.

In the video below, I demonstrate how to create a rich and complex web app, with a TreeView, dynamically databinded DataGrid, TabControl, and Modal Window – And not only do I do it in less than one minute, but the “app’s” bandwidth consumption is at a fraction of the bandwidth consumption that GMail and Twitter is using (1/50th to be accurate). This implies that it will be ~50 times faster and more responsive than GMail or Twitter is to the end user.

Too good to be true?

Well, watch the video, and afterwards feel free to reproduce my numbers, by downloading Phosphorus Five and verify my claims.

Notice – Before you dismiss this as marketing gibberish, let me inform you that I barely know any Assembly code. Still I am perfectly able to create apps, in roughly 25 different programming languages, including C and C++. So the ability to “reduce the web standards down to ‘assembly’ code”, has obviously been done many times before. First with C and C++, then later came Java and C#, which went further, by implementing garbage collectors, etc. To do the same to “the web”, is simply the natural conclusion, and natural progression, and arguably “evolution” in fact – And it is easily done, when you start creating generalised solutions, to common problems, to facilitate for higher levels of abstractions.

Therefor, I can say with confidence that, if you want to become a web app developer – You can teach yourself everything you need to know, in roughly 2 days, using Phosphorus Five. Of course, you won’t become a KungFu Ninja Shaolin Master web app developer, but you will be able to solve most of your needs, and your company’s needs too for that matter – Without ever having seen as much as a single curly brace, angle bracket, or CSS class declaration.

If you don’t believe me, then please feel free to explain how C# and Java works

Or even better, download Phosphorus Five, and prove that I am wrong if you can …


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