Learn web application development in 5 days

If I can get at least a handful of people to sign up, I’ll create an online web application development course, with the intention of teaching (almost) anyone to create their own web apps in 5 days. The idea is that the course requires no previous programming experience, only basic computer knowledge – Yet still, I will teach you everything you need to know, to create your own web apps, in 5 days.

The course will be 100% virtual, and based upon YouTube videos and hands on tutorials, combined with (within reasonable amounts) personal follow up on email, for questions, and delivering “homework”, to have it evaluated by yours truly. The course will last for 5 full days (6 hours each day), but since it is 100% virtual, you can decide yourself when you want to, or have the time, to actually take the classes, and do the tasks (if you wish to do the tasks of course). If anybody is interested, feel free to send an email to thomas@gaiasoul.com – And if you’re not interested, maybe one of your friends are interested …? (Hint; Share this article please)

The course will cost €249, and this will include a commercial professional private license of Phosphorus Five, in addition to everything you need to know to install Phosphorus on your own server, which might actually just be an old laptop for that matter. This will allow you to create your own “private Silicon Valley”, literally from your own living room, if you wish. For an example of such a server, you can check out my own private installation here. The previous link literally leads into my living room, over a plain internet connection, running a “server” on an old discarded Windows laptop.

The course requires ZERO previous knowledge about programming, and will also be “children friendly”. So even if you don’t want to participate yourself, you are more than welcome to sign up your child 🙂

No previous programming experience is required, but some basic use of computers is obviously expected, such as understanding at least to some extent how the file system works, what a file is, what a folder is, etc. If you ever wanted to become a rocket scientist web developer, then this is your chance! Send an email to thomas@gaiasoul.com, and I’ll send you instructions about how to get started.

All the material in the course, will be privately shared YouTube videos, and personal and private emails, intended to make you become a web developer in 5×6 hours.

My credentials; I have been a programmer since I was 8 years old myself (**!!**), and I have today 35 years of programming experience. I am fluent in roughly 25 different programming languages myself, I have worked on critical software for hospitals implying death or life situations, and I have been headhunted by roughly 33% of all the top 10 companies on the Nasdaq index, for jobs ranging from senior research scientist, to software architect with 250 employees beneath me. In addition, holding courses is a role I used to do a lot myself previously, so I believe myself that I am more than capable of performing the role more than adequately. I am also a published system development author, which you can see by the MSDN articles below.

The course will be based upon Hyperlambda, Phosphorus Five and Hyper IDE – But will also vaguely touch upon subjects such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Payments will be secured by PayPal. Below is a video about Phosphorus Five, if you’re curious about just what this is …


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