How Jesus could walk on water

Will you take his hand? I want to!

The bible is almost like a cryptographically secured text – For many people it seems like rubbish, for others it is stuffed with miracles and the true word of God. However, it’s actual meaning is deeply hidden within its stories, which are often told as analogies, intended to convey deeper meanings, arguably leading to an understanding of the path to Heaven and Paradise. It is consciously written like this, to prevent those whom are not worthy of entering Paradise.

One of my recent realisations about the “book of books”, came from a Jewish Rabbi, who was teaching Kabbalah – Which happens to largely define the irony of the Bible; The Bible is impossible to understand without empathy, also encompassing those who are considered “its enemies”. The Rabbi said the following about the flood of sins.

Him who doesn’t understand that the flood of sins is an analogy for something that is occurring today, is among those who are drowning

If you perceive the flood of sins in the above context, you realise that it doesn’t necessarily need to “make sense”, and be literally interpreted, as something that happened thousands of years ago – But rather it can be understood as a constant ongoing process, weeding out the worthy from the unworthy. Once you realise that the above description of the flood of sins, is probably a fairly accurate description of it – You can also understand what it means when the Bible says that Jesus walked on water; Jesus was simply without sin! Hence, he was not drowning in the constant maelstrom that took so many of his contemporaries.

In fact, he also foretold the falling of the church, since the Bible also tells us how Peter tried to follow him, but fell down into the water and almost drowned. At which point, Jesus took Peter’s hand, and said; “So little faith”. So arguably, Jesus was able to understand that his church (Peter is an analogy for the church in general) would fall into sin. And it doesn’t take a psychic to foretell this. Jesus obviously realised that the church would gain a lot of power, due to the things that were being told about himself before he died. Power corrupts, simple and plain. Which arguably explains the monstrosities that the church employed during the dark ages, through its witch hunt process, crusades, inquisition, etc, etc, etc.

So unless Jesus was from North Norway, and was walking on (frozen) water in January – This explanation becomes the only credible explanation, if you are to take the Bible as the Truth. The Bible doesn’t need to be perceived as a superstitious text. In fact, most parts of it can easily be understood using reason, logic and creativity – And for a cryptographer, the process becomes that much easier … 😉

How many commandments have YOU broken recently?

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