Thou shall lie to thy Government

From George Orwell’s book “Animal Farm”, depicting the leaders of the “free world” of today

I once asked a Christian theologian if he could tell me if it was a sin to lie. He answered without even thinking about it; “Not if you ask the guys who fought the Nazis”. He had obviously thought a lot about this dilemma.

However, immediately afterwards he referred to the 8th commandment, and told me it said; “Though shall not lie”. The problem with that interpretation of the 8th commandment, is that it is in fact itself a lie. The original 8th commandment is in fact as follows; “Though shall not bear false witness against thy neighbour”.

In Norway, where I used to live, which was the city of Skien, 92% of the police joined the Nazi party only a couple of weeks after the Nazis invaded Norway in 1940. None of these lost their jobs after the war, and these were the police officers who were basically responsible of hiring the next generation of police officers, and so on. You get the point …

I asked my theologian if he could give me any other references from the Bible, implying that lying was a sin. He couldn’t give me an answer. Hence, realising that the only place where the Bible tells us it’s a sin to lie, is in fact itself a lie – Purely logically implies that lying is not necessarily a sin, unless you lie to bear false witness against thy neighbour. In fact, even Jesus implies himself that you have a responsibility to lie to your government, when he says the following.

Do not throw pearls for swines

The classic interpretation of what Jesus meant with the above, is that you shouldn’t waste energy trying to tell the truth to those who don’t deserve it. Well, do Nazis deserves the Truth …?

In fact, at my local police chamber in Norway, there was a news media article postet some roughly 10 years ago, about how one of the local police officers had been literally taken with his pants down, while raping a pig. The farmer ran into his house, and got his camera, and took a photo of the naked police officer, literally in the act. He then reported this to the media, and another police chamber, who were forced to taking actions against the rapist. The pig rapist police officer was given a fine of 8.000NOK, roughly equating to $1.100.

Now if a Nazi, raping a pig, isn’t a swine, who are the swines then …?

The Virgin birth

In fact, unless you believe in virgin birth, the only logical conclusion to the virgin birth is that it was a lie. To understand it though, implies understanding Judea’s laws 2.000 years ago. Mary and Joseph were not married, and according to the law back then, Maria was to be stoned to death for adultery. So the local prosecutors (the Pharisees) came to Joseph and Mary, to arrest Mary, such that she could be executed for her “crimes”. Joseph being a true hero though, stopped them, (arguably) by telling the single largest lie ever told throughout history of man.

She is still a virgin!

Since he was able to tell this lie with a conviction that was so strong that the Pharisees were forced to taking his testimonial into account, Mary survived, and Jesus was born. Hence, the only reason why we have a prince of Truth today, is because his father had the courage to lie 2.000 years ago. Do like Jesus and Joseph and lie to thy Government!

Don’t throw pearls for swines, throw shit at them, they thrive in it anyways.

Simply since telling your Government the Truth is a sin against God!!

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