Thou shall never pay tax to thy Government

Every dollar you give to your Government, is another dollar spent spilling the blood of innocents

Paying taxes to your government is a sin towards God. This is especially true for fascist regimes, such as the Government of Norway. This is because it helps them continue their atrocities. Hence, by paying your taxes, you are becoming an accomplish in crimes against humanity. Paying taxes is the equivalent of financially supporting Hitler. I don’t pay my taxes to Norway, and I haven’t done for a decade in fact. Neither should you.

Paying taxes to a government such as the Norwegian government, is the equivalent of financially supporting terror organisations, such as ISIS an Al Qaeda. Sure, they’ll use some small fraction of what you pay them for helping those in need – But most of the money you give them, will be pocketed by their corrupt leadership, or spent buying weapons, to continue their killing of the innocents, or some other way pay for their evil deeds. 9/10 dollars you pay in taxes, are used in evil schemes, or to rape the innocents. Don’t believe me, watch what a Norwegian minister used his money for some years ago. I should know, because I was the one conducting this interview.

The more “black economy” you can engage in, the less atrocities will be performed in your name. Try to pay as much cash as you can, and restrain yourselves from using credit cards, unless you have to. Hire only people who agrees with you, in that taxation is theft, and avoid everyone who willingly supports their governments financially. They are delusional beyond redemption, and their souls cannot be saved. The best thing is to simply stay away from them.

Don’t support your local terror organisation by paying blood money to your Government. It puts blood on your hands!

Now if you want to hire me, I can personally guarantee you that the Norwegian Government won’t see as much as a nickel of the money you send me. Sounds interesting, feel free to fill out the form below to have me work for you. No blood will be spilled as a consequence of you hiring me, since I don’t financially support fascist and terror regimes in any ways.

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