Thou shall not have other Gods than Government

I am an Anarchist. Anarchism is the lack of belief in government, and it means “without leader”. However, instead of defining what I believe in, let me inform you about what those who don’t agree with me believe in. Hopefully my choices will become understood as you “see what the options here are”.

The Government’s praier

Dear Government, take away my free will and tell me what to do, by using lies and deception, through your propaganda channels, built upon #FakeNews, and manufactured by those whom I have selected myself to own me, and to be my slave drivers – Because I do not know what is best for myself, and I don’t deserve to have the freedom of choice.

Dear Government, do not let me stray away from your gloomy path, because mass murder is paradise, violence is peace, and coercion is justice. Don’t let me keep my own hard earned gold, because it is much better to have it stolen from me, and given to the corrupt, such that they can sustain the illusion of Democracy, and steal other nations’ wealth, under the pretext of spreading peace and harmony across the planet.

Fill my head with violent new speak and lies, such that I don’t get any ideas, and deceive me into darkness, believing that my neighbours are out to kill me, rape me, and steal everything I own, such that I can sustain the (false) belief in that Anarchy implies chaos – Because yours is the Kingdom, the power and the glory, forever and ever and ever.


The above prayer is what most people in the western hemisphere actually believe in. Of course, they won’t admit this, since admitting it implies understanding how stupendously moronic their belief system is – But the above is the “doctrine” that most westerners actually believe in today.

Governments all over the world today, are basically participating in what resembles the Inquisition, Conquistadors, and Crusades from Christianity – And it is all based upon having a “monopoly of the mind”. Your government tells you what to think, they decide what’s the truth, and they control your actions. Their tools are mass media, “culture” and fear. With these tools they are spreading “FUD”, which means “Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt”, which leads to believing in that without your Government, chaos would reign.

I have been to prison, and I have been a homeless in one of the most violent gang cities in the world; Los Angeles – And I felt safer amongst mass murderers in prison, and violent gang members on the street – Than I feel when I am “protected” by my government. Of course, this knowledge is “dangerous knowledge”, because it might lead to “ideas” – So my government (Norway), tries its best to bash me to death, and silence me, such that my Truth shall not spread out among others, and make people realise the Truth – And the Truth is that we would all be better off without Governments.

Governments are nothing more than the Cosa Nostra or Mafia. They steal from you one day, for then to coerce you into paying “protection money” the next day, arguing that you need to “protect yourself”, to avoid theft. Of course, they won’t admit this, but spends huge amounts of energy to deceive you into believing in that theft is well fare, murder is harmony, and violence is peace – But more and more people are opening their eyes. Below is the dogmatic declaration of faith for Norwegians.

You live in the best country on the planet

However, it’s obviously rubbish. The Truth would be closer to “You live in the most violent and oppressive regimes on the planet, probably worse than North Korea, but we are so absolutely in control over the propaganda tools, that you actually believe that you are free here, while we have setup a prison of your mind, impossible to escape, leading to your own destruction, voluntarily entering the gas chambers, believing in that you’re to be de-contaminated, instead of what’s actually happening, which is that you’re a prisoner in an extermination concentration camp, and the media is your prison guard, the politicians your Hitler, and the police your Gestapo”.

I don’t mind you choosing to give away your freedoms to your Government. After all, freedom also implies freedom to give away your freedom! However, I do not vote, I do not pay tax, and I do not condone my Government in any ways. This means that your government can do whatever it wants to do with you, since you elected your own slave drivers – However, the assumption of that just because of that some few million people selected *their* slave driver, that man also becomes *my* slave driver, is a false assumption, and a dangerous path to walk. Since it forces me into protecting myself with all means I am morally capable of using to protect myself with. Which for me happens to be the Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth.

You are hereby warned!!

And the Truth liberates souls, one prayer at the time, one soul at the time. And the Truth shall set us all free in the end! Except those who don’t want to be free. Luckily these are few and far between. And the Truth is that the belief in Government equates to the worshipping of Satan. Plain and simple. Luckily, there’s a bigger guy in town, and he’s not on your Government’s side … šŸ˜‰

Welcome to the criminals side bro’. Here we are all equals under the Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth! So help us God!

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