This is your brain on OOP

OOP and cults have many of the same effects on the human brain. In a cult there is always one right answer, to most questions you can ask. OOP has these same traits.

If you study a cult, and believe in its dogma, your cognitive abilities changes. Few can doubt this simple fact. Arguably, the same is true for Object Oriented Programming. OOP changes your brain’s ability to see nuances, and makes you want to classify everything into “car”, “house”, etc. Cults work the same way, with their methods of classifying everything into either evil or good – While the truth is that there are always nuances, which both cults and an OOP mind tends to miss.

OOP was invented by two Norwegian professors in 1967, in the programming language referred to as “Simula”. I suspect this was not a coincidence, since in OOP, versus a more functional programming language such as LISP – There always seems to be exactly one right answer to any question you can ask. This made it easier for these professors to hand out grades, since they could just compare their student’s answers to “the correct answer”, and such make their own jobs easier.

The problem with this, is that just like all cognitive frameworks, which arguably OOP in its nature is – It also changes our brain’s ability to function at its peak level. Hence, OOP is arguably damaging to our brains, the same way joining a cult, or taking drugs for that matter is. Hence …

This is your brain on OOP

Kids, don’t do OOP!

Psst, there exist alternatives … 😉


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