Telerik Kendo UI grid 7 seconds, Camphora Five MySQL grid 0.5 seconds

On my 50Mb internet connection, the examples for the Telerik Kendo UI grid component needs 7.28 seconds to load on an empty cache. My Camphora Five generated MySQL datagrid, with real Ajax, and 315,000 records in its database, needs 0.5 seconds to load on an empty cache. Telerik’s Kendo UI example grid has 91 records in its example. I imported 315,000 records into my Camphora generated app, and still it performs 14 times faster.

If you know anything about web development, you know that size matters. And the smaller things are, the better things are. The reason why Telerik is slow like syrup, while the Camphora Five version is blistering fast, is of course because Telerik needs to download 1,400KB of JavaScript, while the Camphora datagrid only needs to download 5KB. This implies that in regards to bandwidth usage, only counting JavaScript, Telerik’s Kendo UI grid will require 280 times as much bandwidth as the Camphora grid.

Another crucial point in this, is that the Telerik example requires that you write hundreds, if not thousands of lines of code to get it to work – Still it doesn’t use a “real database”. The Camphora Five datagrid was automatically generated in 2 minutes. See how below …

If you want to test my claims yourself, or reproduce the above to comparison, you can download the Open Source code for Phosphorus Five here.


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