Proof of that most system developers will fail the Turing test

I just recently posted a link at Reddit/Programming with the header “AI – When the Computer becomes a Software Developer”. It was like throwing a can of gasoline into a bonfire. Read the responses here. Out of 763 readings so far (in an hour), 63% down voted the article. Most of the commenters started immediately attacking the posting. This is a very interesting figure, since there is only one accurate response to the article, and it goes like follows.

This is an interesting system, but I can’t see any AI in it …?

The above is the **ONLY** accurate response to the OP! All other responses are arguably proof of an incapacity to digest and analyse new information, in an attempt at trying to find the best solution for those having hired you. The reason is of course that a simple look at the system’s code, would easily have revealed that it contains *ZERO* AI! All other responses illustrates a system developer’s inability to accept alternative solutions, and investigate new technologies – Probably because it is being perceived as a “threat” to his own job security.

My intention wasn’t to prove that my software system passed the Turing test, it was to prove that most system developers will fail it.

One of the commenters gave me a fabulous response though, which I just simply adored! Read it for yourself below. I think it explains everything you need to know about your system developer’s “resistance towards change”

Hats off to this brilliant and open minded guy (or gal?)

And in doing so, I arguably proved that my software system was more intelligent than 63% of the world’s system developers – Not because my system contains any Artificial Intelligence, because it doesn’t! But because of the emotional baggage, prejudice, and fear of loosing their jobs, the average system developer harbours. And how this fear makes them incapable of finding intelligent and new solutions to their problems. And if you look carefully at my original post, I don’t make a single claim towards that the system contains any “AI”. Of course, I did admittedly combine two characters from the Latin Alphabet, that I knew would make developers go berserk, and trigger their emotions. However, arguably my OP proved that the average system developer is …

An unintelligent, emotionally biased, lesser human beings, corrupted by 50 years of powers, mortally afraid of the future they see is inevitable, and how new technology renders them “obsolete”.

And of course, if you have such people on your payroll, you have a holy duty towards your shareholders to simply fire them. But just relax, you can easily replace these guys with my software system. Because even though it has an IQ of *ZERO* – It’s still more intelligent than your average existing system developer … 😉


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