The bridge from C# to JavaScript – Hyperlambda

Imagine if you could easily invoke C# methods from JavaScript, and easily invoke JavaScript functions from C#. The main purpose of Hyperlambda is to serve as a bridge between JavaScript on the client, and C# on the server. Among other things, it allows you to declare your HTML markup, with a syntax similar to YAML. From your Hyperlambda, you can easily declare DOM event handlers on your HTML elements, that invokes your C# methods on the server when raised. Imagine the following code.

  innerValue:Click me!

I assume you don’t need a PhD in computer science to understand what the above code does. Then combine the above Hyperlambda with the C# method created in the video below.

This simple trait, allows you to bridge your server side C# with your client side JavaScript, without having to create complex JSON serialisation and de-serialisation functionality yourself. And, it reduces the size of the client side JavaScript library to 5.7KB, giving you a lot of room to add your own JavaScript …

Check it out here


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