Creating a CRUD web app in a couple of minutes

About a week ago I released a new version of Phosphorus Five. One thing I have been working a lot with for this release, is Camphora Five, which is a “Code Builder”, that allows you to “generate” CRUD apps, by simply declaring what types of fields you want. One thing that sets this CRUD app generator apart from most other CRUD app generators,  is the ability to create alternative “views”, to display among other things statistical charts on your data.

Now combining the CRUD app generator with the other tools in Phosphorus Five, such as Hyper IDE, which is a fully fledged web based IDE – Allows me to do some pretty amazing things with my app. Basically, I can create a rich and highly complex web app, with statistical charts, import data from for instance Excel or any other system that supports CSV files, and deploy my web app into production – All of this in a couple of minutes. I have created a YouTube video series where I demonstrate creating a simple “sales app”, where I do this, from initial idea, to deploying the web app into production – And the entire length of the series is less than 10 minutes.

Some of the things I still haven’t created support for though, is “linked tables”, and the ability to perform joins on tables. The latter you can probably fix yourself by for instance creating a view in your MySQL database. The former requires having to do some coding in Hyperlambda, to modify the datagrid that is automatically generated. However, in future releases, I will try to implement support also for “linked tables” (foreign keys).

However, if all you need is a simple CRUD app, wrapping a single table, with some statistical views on your data – You can do this in the latest release of Phosphorus Five.


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