OK, let’s DO this!

Some guy posted a link to Phosphorus Five and Hyperlambda over at Reddit, in a group called “shitty programming”, implying Phosphorus Five was rubbish. Normally I wouldn’t care about it, if it hadn’t been for the fact that this guy has created his own programming language. As I defended myself and Hyperlambda, I arguably became a little bit “emotional”, so the moderators over at this group, decided to solve the problem. However, instead of banning both of us, which is what they usually do – They have decided to organise a “boxing match” between me an the guy behind the other language. Read their invitation to me below …

I’m game, and I’ll invite all of my friends to watch, and I’ll try to get some media attention around this, inviting Channel 9, MSDN Magazine, and others to stream it live, internationally! The loser will be banned from posting at the group in the future – Implying the winner will basically have “monopoly” on talking shit about the other guy’s programming language on Reddit in the future. I wish “FascinatedBox” good luck.

May the best man win!


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