The World Heavy Weight Programming Championship contest is GOING DOWN!

FascinatedBox has accepted the terms put forth by one of the moderators over at ShittyProgramming, and Cal (moderator) is as we speak trying to find a date for the event. This implies that in the near future, you will see a shake-down between Lily and Hyperlambda, where we will be given a specification for a software system, which we are to implement. None of us will have seen the specification before entering “the ring”, and the idea is to implement it faster. The one who finishes first, becomes the winner, and the loser is banned from the Reddit group called “shitty programming”.

The event will be streamed live, and I will publish the date, time and the URL, from where you can follow the event *live*, once I have it. Any profits from the contest will be given to charity.

May the best man win!


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