3 days coding challenge – Creating MySQL Admin for ASP.NET

I love MySQL. As to MySQL Workbench and PHPMyAdmin; “no comments” would be my answer. First of all, about 50% of my HTTP requests in my Apache log files on my Linux box, are attempts to exploit holes in PHPMyAdmin. Secondly, I resized the output window of MySQL Workbench “out of existence” about 3 months ago, and I still haven’t been able to figure out how to fix it. So obviously, a good and secure MySQL management tool, allowing you to administrate your databases, preferably over the web, is an area within our profession that could definitely need some “help”. So I spent 3 days implementing a MySQL admin tool for ASP.NET.

Hyper SQL features SQL syntax HighLighting and AutoCompletion. It features the ability to create charts from your datasets (pie charts and column charts). It allows you to load and save SQL snippets for later references, and it’s extremely secure! However, more important I think, is the fact that I conceptualised it, implemented it, and deployed in its initial stable release in 3 days. Watch a video demonstrating it below.

One of my reasons was that a good friend of mine told me I needed to create a “complete system” to showcase what a developer could actually do using Phosphorus Five. This would provide a valuable use-case to attract developers to my platform. Well, I think the proof is literally in the pudding.

Download Phosphorus Five here


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