Developing AND executing a C# console app from my phone

For years I have struggled with explaining people why we don’t need another platform for developing and distributing our apps than “the web”. In the meantime, developers were running over each other, like headless chickens, shouting “AppStore”, “Xamarin Forms”“Android Market Place”, “Silverlight” and “God knows what”. Well, the shouting stops today. Everything besides “the web” is rubbish, regardless of what your “domain problem is”, unless you’re developing web browsers or drivers.

Can your favourite “x-platform toolkit” do the above? I have a web server running Apache and Linux. On top of that I have developed a web operating system, in C#, running on Mono. In this web operating system, one of 5 apps happens to be a web based IDE, allowing me to literally create C# Console apps from my phone, AND execute it after I have compiled it. Notice, I could also have created GO apps and Python apps for that matter using the same IDE.

If you want to send your money to Apple or Google, and let them control the distribution of your app – You are of course welcome to do that – But don’t come and tell me the reasons are because you can’t create what you want to create using “the web” – Because it’s simply not true! If you’ve got developers in your organisation telling you “The web is inferior, we’ll need to develop native apps” – Then send them a link to this article, and ask them; “OK, great! Can you create an IDE that allows me to do the above in a ‘native app’?”

You can download Phosphorus Five here – It’s 100% Open Source!


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