Software Factory looking for Salesmen

My name is Thomas Hansen and I have spent 10 years developing something I like the refer to as “the infrastructure for a software factory”. The idea is that by using standardised modularised pre-built components, I can effectively produce software, at a rate that arguably has more in common with a “factory” than a software development company. I am now looking for forward leaning, self-driven, motivated sales staff, that can help me find customers.

The work is 100% commission based at the moment, but with a 25/75 percent profit sharing key, which might result in that you make a lot of money, for an extremely little amount of time. My claim is that I can build, produce, and deliver custom software, at least 50% less expensive than anybody else – Including Indian outsourcing companies.

I am located in Cyprus, which allows me to bid for public EU jobs, in addition to having much less overhead costs, due to the tax laws and prices in general in Cyprus. I expect my sales staff to be able to go from “zero” to a signed contract, at which point I will take over the entire process, and share 25% of all profits with whomever landed the contract. I also have a partnership with an ISP service provider, which allows me to host a multitude of servers, with an extremely well created infrastructure, and extremely high quality on the services. So even though I am a “single human being”, I have arguably everything necessary to create a “Google type of IT infrastructure”.

If you are interested in an opportunity to literally change the future with me, I encourage you to contact me at

Here are my references.

If you are curious about what I am able to do with this tool, feel free to watch the following video.


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