Why Phosphorus Five creates resistance

It actually didn’t dawn upon me before quite recently. Most senior developers will generate resistance when I ask them about Phosphorus Five. Now the promise of Phosphorus Five is that it allows you to create web applications, without needing to know any JavaScript. It also reduces the need to understand CSS and HTML. In addition, you can also create really, really rich web apps, without requiring any knowledge about C#, PHP, or any other backend programming language. It’s almost funny to think about that I didn’t understand how this scares the living daylight out of senior system developers.

There’s an urban chess legend. I think it was originally told by Bobby Fischer in fact, and it was about Fischer and Spassky sitting and drinking in the bar at a hotel before a match. Some guy they had never seen before sits next to them, and tells them that he’s invented a system, that allows him to always win in chess. Fischer and Spassky are moderately curious, and asks the guy to demonstrates it to them. First the guy plays Fischer, and wins 10 out of 10 games. Then he plays Spassky, and yet again he wins 10 out of 10 games – Apparently without even making an effort.

The story kind of ends there, and as Fischer tells the story to a crowd of people, finally some guy can’t hold himself, so he bursts out and asks Fischer; “What happened to the guy?” At which point Fischer says with a smile on his face; “We killed him and buried him in the yard of course. Do you think we’re idiots?”

I doubt Fischer ever killed somebody, and even if the story was originally told by Fischer, I think it was more like a humorous joke. However, the story teaches us a fact about humanity, which is that when somebody have huge intellectual investments in something, and somebody comes and makes that investment irrelevant with some new invention, that invention becomes a threat to those with existing investment in whatever the invention replaces. For instance, go ask a taxi driver what he thinks about self driving cars, and I’m willing to bet he’ll tell you hundreds of stories about how these cars are unsafe, dangerous, a liability, and a danger to its customers, etc. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand the taxi driver’s motives. Since Phosphorus Five arguably threatens to turn the “priesthood of the 21st Century” into burger flippers, it’s probably no wonder it generates resistance as I talk about it …

If you’re a manager, and your task is to evaluate Phosphorus Five for you organisation, then please do me a favour. Show Phosphorus Five to one of your best JavaScript developers, and ask him to give you his opinion. I bet he’ll find millions of reasons why it’s “crap”. Maybe he’ll say things about me, and my person. However, there is one thing he cannot do, and that is to point at a single point in its code, where it actually sucks. And the negative testimonial your senior system developers gives about Phosphorus Five, is actually all you need to know. That negative testimonial becomes the proof of its brilliance! If you’re manager, you can download my white paper about Phosphorus Five below, to understand it from a top down perspective.

Software Factories

Or you can watch the following video that illustrates its USPs. Then show it to your most senior system developer, that guy who is a JavaScript/C#/PHP Ninja, and ask him for his opinion about it. Don’t tell him what I assumed his reaction would be though. Just let him watch the video, and ask him what he thinks about it.

Below are some testimonials about Phosphorus Five from senior system developers.

The guy who said this, actually have created his own programming language. I wonder what his motives are …? πŸ˜‰

Terry Davis is rightfully or not, considered the “protege” of a Schizofren system developer.

I guess they’re trying to bury me in the yard … πŸ˜‰


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