The future is obsolete

For a couple of hundreds of years, we have lived in an economical society, where our labour possessed value for others. And as new paradigms came and went, such as the agricultural society, the industrial society, service based society, knowledge based society, we always seemed to be able to adapt. That stops in a very near future. Less than a decade from now, there is literally no job what so ever, that a computer or a robot for $1000 cannot do better, more accurately, and less expensive.

When Deep Blue humiliated Gary Kasparov in 1996/97, it took only 15 years before the average pocket calculator could beat the world chess champion, without even making an effort. Today the same research team that created Deep Blue, is creating doctors and physicians. This implies that 15 years from now, your physician and your surgeon will be a pocket calculator. We’re already seeing signs of this, such as self driving cars, automated supermarkets, the drones Amazon are using, etc, etc, etc. Steady but slowly, computers and robots will entirely replace every single task human beings are able to perform today. And I can’t wait!

Hallelujah, humans are obsolete soon!! 😀

If work was so valuable, the rich would keep all the jobs for themselves

Contrary to others, I literally can’t wait. I’m looking forward to this future, rejoicing, realising I can spend more time exercising my hobbies – Which paradoxically includes playing chess. The future is in fact so bright, I’ve gotta wear shades!

If you’re a youngster today, and you’re wondering about what education to take, let me give you my advice. First of all, when it comes to knowledge, skills, and “thinking”, there is not a single place in this world where you cannot be outperformed by the average pocket calculator 15 years from now. So spending your time at universities, reciting endless (and useless) information based facts, or the very art of logic itself, is completely useless. (Logic is Greek for “thinking”) – Hence your PhD 15 years from now, is about as useless as your ability to ride a horse and a carriage is for the average employer today. However, there are places where you can outperform computers, at least for the foreseeable future. This is where emotions are important, and the fact of that you’re actually a human being.

For instance, regardless of how intelligent our computers and robots becomes, and regardless of how perfect they can play the Saxophone, many people will still enjoy seeing an actual person playing the Saxophone as they’re visiting their local pub. Simply because we enjoy surrounding ourselves with talented human beings. The same way most people enjoy talking to an actual waitress as they’re ordering their coffee – If not for any other reasons than making a flirty remark to her as she takes your order.

People still enjoys watching Magnus Carlsen play chess, because of his personality, his body language, and the way he conducts himself in public. In fact, the (actual) world chess championship contest have at most a handful of spectators, since these competitions are being performed between super computers, which are a thousand times better than Magnus Carlsen, and performing their competition in dark rooms, deep inside of mountain halls, with no physical chess board, and no lights – In temperatures below freezing, to make sure their “brains doesn’t boil over”. This is the *actual* world chess championship. But nobody cares, because they find Magnus Carlsen, although significantly inferior to these machines, to be a nice human being, and they enjoy watching him playing chess. We even refer to Magnus as the “world champion”, even though we all know for a fact that the last human world chess champion was in fact Gary Kasparov in 1996.

If you’re basing your future on your cognitive superiority, and your logic, and your ability to “think”, you’re in trouble. A piece of advice, relax, be more human, be nicer, and calm down. Otherwise Deep Blue is going to kick your ass out of your office, while your boss is laughing, thinking “finally I got my revenge over that fucking arrogant asshole”.

Peace out,

“Just another Saxophone player”

And do you want to know a secret? You, yes you – As a system developer that is, is making everybody else in this world obsolete. There seems to be some kind of justice to the fact that somebody actually makes YOU obsolete …

… and most people will probably laugh, and cheer on me, as I do it!


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