The InGen Dinosaur Theme Park System

So, the “Shitty Programming” contest was being held last night, and both of the participants were given the same specification, which basically was to implement a new IT system for “Jurassic Park”. Obviously, none of us could finish, since the system required sensors for checking if doors were open, and cameras in cages, etc, etc, etc – But below you can see my results roughly the way it was when I was finished implementing it.

Notice – I want to emphasise, that I have spent a couple of additional hours cleaning up the system’s code and UX after the contest was over. However, fundamentally I had most of these features already implemented after 3 hours of coding. And may I add, that was an extremely stressing coding act, since we were both constantly being watched by 3-400 people live, in a stream, and asked questions every now and then about our choices, etc. You can download the InGen Theme Park system here. In fact, if you have a Phosphorus Five installation somewhere, you can install it through the Desktop module, by clicking the “Upload module” button – At which point the system will be installed immediately, create its own database, and be instantly ready to start using.


2 thoughts on “The InGen Dinosaur Theme Park System

  1. Nice work. Looks like this web application was developed using a 6GL programming language / development platform. Is it wrong do categorize your software as 6GL?


  2. Well, it is definitely not the “current” generation of programming languages. I like the idea of 6th generation, and I don’t object to it, since it obviously contains a lot of the same ideas as 5GL, except not algorithmic centric though …


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