InGen Dinosaur Theme Park system, adding speech synthesis and guided tours

I put in a handful of additional coding hours today in the InGen Dinosaur Theme Park Software System,  and below is the results so far. So far I have spent about 10-12 hours of actively coding on the system, yet it’s still very feature rich, with among other things guided tours localised to “whatever” language using your browser’s speech synthesis features, and Google Translate to translate the tour into whatever language you want to have your tour in.

It features integrated QR codes that are automatically created as URLs leading to such tours, allowing the theme park to plaster these around at relevant locations, to provide their guests with guided tours, in as many languages as they want to. Watch the video below demonstrating the system.

I’ll probably add some additional 5-10 hours of coding before I consider it done. However, if you want to try it out, you can download its zip file, and simply upload it into any existing Phosphorus Five installation.


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