New CSS skin – NUX

In my latest release of Phosphorus Five, there’s now a new default Micro CSS skin called “NUX”. Its name implies “!UX”, since I have tried to make it very much minimalistic. The idea is to create a skin, completely free from colours and other types of “bling”, to allow for higher readability and more easily navigate your app’s actual content. You can see a screenshot of it in the above right corner. If you’d like to see the screenshot fullscreen, feel free to simply click the image.

Below is an example of how Hyper IDE looks like when using this new skin.

I feel the content of your apps becomes more visible, and emphasised, simply since there are less colours in this skin. It also significantly increases the sizes of clickable elements, such as radio buttons and checkboxes. Which I feel makes it more usable for smaller devices, such as tablets and phones.

In addition to the NUX skin, I have also created a couple of new convenience widgets, for more easily creating checkboxes and groups of radio buttons. And I have also significantly improved the rendering of Camphora Apps on smaller devices, and in general. Below is a screenshot of the “sales” app.

Feel free to check it out 🙂


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