Lizzie, a scripting language for .Net

I have just released Lizzie, probably the smallest programming language in the world. Its documentation are 12 pages of printed text, and the entire source code for the language is roughly 2,000 lines of code. The compiler is only 500 lines of code, most of which are comments. You can literally teach yourself Lizzie in 20 minutes.

Lizzie is a dynamically “compiled” script language for .Net, that is so blistering fast to compile, I can compile 10,000 snippets of Lizzie code on my own computer in roughly 2 seconds. Since everything “compiles” down to CLR delegates, it is also surprisingly fast when executed.

The idea is to create a dynamic script language for the CLR, that allows for easily creating Domain Specific Languages, to solve problems related to your domain – While at the same time, making the language so secure by default, that it literally is impossible to execute malicious code written in Lizzie out of the box. Extending Lizzie with your own “keywords” is as easy as marking a method with an attribute.

Check it out here


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