Teach yourself DDD in 15 minutes

DDD or Domain Driven Design is one of the most difficult thing to learn. Entire libraries have been written about the subject, and many senior developers have spent decades trying to learn it, often unsuccessfully may I add. Its elusiveness for software architectures, sometimes feels almost like the equivalent of searching for the grail. At the same time, it’s considered the most important concept to know for a software architecture to be considered a senior architect among his peers. However, if you simplify DDD, and create generalisations around its ideas, it’s actually pretty simple to understand.

I have created a Micro Framework for ASP.NET Core web APIs that allows you to browse its 400 lines of code in 20 minutes, and afterwards actually have not only a pretty strong grip upon DDD, but also your own tool to start using DDD in your own solutions. In essence, it’s a starter kit for ASP.NET Core web API development, that creates a template for you, that makes sure you’re following all best practices if you follow a simple recipe as you create your own web APIs.

The basic ideas are DRY, DRY and DRY – As in “Don’t Repeat Yourself”. By following this axiom as deep into the Rabbit Hole as possible, you end up with a framework, that allows you to create your C# apps, literally without coding almost at all.

Check it out for yourself here


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