Creating Gmail in 3 minutes using C#, ASP.NET Core and Magic

For those not following me on GitHub, I can inform you that I have created a new “Starter Kit” framework called Magic. Its purpose is to be a kickstarter for your own ASP.NET Core web API projects, allowing you to rapidly get started with creating your own HTTP REST web APIs. In the video below I am demonstrating how I use this to create a webmail backend, for both sending emails over SMTP, and retrieving emails over POP3. The idea is to create commoditised solutions for most common problems, to avoid repeating myself, and hopefully also to encourage you to also keep your code DRY.

The project(s) are Open Source, but a commercial license path exists for those wanting to create closed source apps, which will cost you in total €100 for both projects; Magic Core and Magic Email. In the above video I am using;


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