A Software Factory Process Proposition

There is nothing magical about the creation of software that doesn’t allow us to automate it. In fact, arguably the sole purpose of software, is automation of processes – So why haven’t we been able to automate our own processes? Why haven’t we automated the creation of software itself?

When Henry Ford started producing cars, he would look for places where he could standardise the construction process. This obsession went so far that he jokingly said “You can get a Ford car in any colour you wish; Black or black.” The idea of course, was that the colour black would dry in half the time other colours needed to dry, and that by standardising his colours, he could simplify the process of construction, resulting in that he could produce more cars in the same amount of time, resulting in less expensive cars for his consumers, and higher market shares for his company. As a consequence, an entire colour industry spun of in his trail, creating hundreds of additional companies, who’s sole purpose was to repaint cars to whatever colour the customer actually wanted after they had purchased a Ford. These companies for obvious reasons had an incentive to make sure Ford would gain even higher market shares, and hence such ended up advocated the advantages of purchasing a Ford. By underdelivering, he gained even more milage on his competitors.

If you look at the software creation process, most of our work is repetetive in nature. This is a sign of that our workload in these regards lends itself to automation. Everything that is repetetive in nature, easily lends itself to automation. Hence, arguably 80% of our processes can be automated. Few employees today are more expensive than software developers. If we can automate 80% of a software developer’s workload, we can cut the cost of creating software down by 80%. Hence, by automating our own jobs, an application that would normally cost €100.000, would end up costing €20.000 instead, and we have facilitated for a “software factory” – An assembly line production facility, that allows us to create software faster, less expensive, to more people, than our competitors can do. Needless to say, but such a facility would arguably within months of starting up, literally acquire monopoly on the process of creating software.

What colours do you want for your web API? You can choose; Black or black

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