Turn a Junior Developer into a Senior Architect for €50

Arguably the largest practical difference between Martin Fowler and John Doe junior developer straight out of college, is that Martin Fowler is able to create an architectural foundation that is much more scalable and resilient towards change, and can more easily be explained – Resulting in that your software project has a higher success ratio with Martin Fowler at the rudder, than it would have with John Doe at the controls. Hence, if we could somehow magically make sure John Doe Junior is able to create that same brilliant architecture as Martin Fowler, we could reduce the salary costs by 80% of our software projects, without reducing the likelihood of success.

Meet Magic

Magic does just that. It’s basically a framework that allows any junior C# developer to create his or her next web API with the same beautiful architecture as the best software architects in the world would choose. It’s based upon 36 years of experience as a software developer and architect, and created by one of the most read article writers at MSDN Magazine writing about C# design patterns and architecture. It’s the culmination of all best practices your software shop needs to be able to magically pull the rabbit out of the hat, again and again and again. And it doesn’t cost you a million dollars per year like Martin Fowler probably would. Nope, its cost is €50.

In such a way, starting out with Magic, creates an insurance for you and your little dev shop, and increases your likelihood of success, such that instead of having a 75% chance of failure (true numbers) in your next software project, you could significantly reduce that number to have a higher chance of success.

In addition, it’s Open Source, allowing you and your best developers to scrutinise its code before you purchase a commercial license. But don’t believe my words. Send it to your best developers, and ask them about their opinions. Then come back and buy a license as they give you their verdict. If you require additional support, I am for hire, and I also sell access to private training YouTube videos about Software Architecture. In addition to that I teach Software Architecture and coach juniors. Feel free to contact me below is this is of interest.


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