Teaching recruiters how to hire the best software developers

I’ve just created a 10 minute long video that allows a recruiter, without any software development experience, to recognise and see the difference between the code of a junior developer and a very, very good senior developer. I’ll wrap up a check list, and probably create some sort of statical analysis toolkit later for you guys, but at least for now, here’s a good beginning.

I am also for hire to look through code, and analyse it for flaws, if some recruiters wants my services. But this will (obviously) cost you. But it’s an inexpensive insurance towards making the wrong choice, and ending up hiring the wrong guy, believing in the bullshit he says about his own code.

Hiring a developer without seeing his code first, is like hiring a musician without having heard his music

Contact me below if you’re interested in having me analyse code for you.


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