The difference between a Junior and Senior developer

Having created code for 36 years, since I was 8 years of age in fact, I have seen many junior developers and many senior developers, obviously – And I can tell the difference within the blink of an eye. Show me your code, and I will tell you how good you are. Which is always why the first question I ask as I interview developers is “Do you have a GitHub account?”

Others will focus on giving away tasks, while I will ask a developer if he can show me some code he has done. I don’t care if you can’t implement Quick Sort, in fact, to be honest with you, I don’t think I could have implemented Quick Sort myself without looking it up. If I ask you if you can implement Quick Sort, the only thing I’ll have an answer to, is how good you are at preparing for a job interview. I still won’t have any clue as to how well you’ll perform in an actual job setting. If you show me your code though, I’ll have an answer to how good you are within some few minutes, and I will know if I can give you architectural responsibilities, or if I’ll have to hold your hand for years.

The reasons for this, is because your code shows me what choices you will do when confronted with a problem. Will you use Entity Framework or NHibernate? Will you use Mapster or AutoMapper? Do you know how to use Dependency Injection? What about Modularity? Can you create a modular solution, without dependencies between your different components? Only your code will show me the answer to these questions …

To bridge the gap between seniors and juniors, I have created a micro framework called Magic. It’s probably less than 1,000 lines of code, and can easily be understood within an afternoon, even by the junior developer. In many ways, it’s the Magic pill that will turn a Junior into a Senior, because it creates the structure for your projects, that a really great senior developer would always start out with, and does the right choices for you, in regards to which tools to use. The framework is based upon 36 years of experience with coding, and implements the design patterns necessary, to create a great structure, for any new project using ASP.NET Core, HTTP REST and C#.

It’s a Magic pill that will make you a Senior Developer in a couple of days

Simply because as you study it, and start understanding it, you’ll also make the right choices in the future, and avoid having to spend 36 years teaching you why you have to do things the way I do them …

Download the Magic Senior Developer pill!


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