Mourning Notre Dame

Yesterday “Our Lady” fell to the ground. A fire destroyed 1,000 years of history, returning her to the dust she once crawled up from. Erasing her from history, as if she had never existed. I don’t care if you’re a Buddhist, Muslim, Christian or Atheist; If you’re anything even closely connected to the way I am, you’re in grief today. Yesterday we lost a symbol of our humanity in a couple of hours of raging fire, and today the world is darker because of it. Regardless of what you feel about Christianity’s history, the Kings who built the Notre Dame, the Conquistadors, the Inquisition, or the priests who abused her during the dark ages – There is no way you cannot see the stunning beauty the Lady herself was, standing there untouched by corruption, as a symbol of transcendence, truly a virgin, reaching for the sky, giving us all hope of something better. A symbol of that we can be better, try harder, and transcend our animal behavior and instincts, and gather around tasks, greater than ourselves. We are all poorer today. For 1,000 years Parisians have pointed at the Lady and told their kids “Your ancestors built that my child.” Today Paris lays on the ground in ashes with a broken back. Today is a sad day …


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