Resistance marks the target

If you have worked with some extreme form of innovation, such as for instance Nikola Tesla, avoiding noticing the amount of resistance you are given becomes impossible. This is because all forms of extreme innovation carries with them the promise of disruption and change. Changing the status quo of course, implies that those having a vested interest in the current state of affairs, will lose something due to the change your innovation proposes. Nikola Tesla himself being the primary example of this, where Thomas Edison even murdered an elephant in public, in an attempt at trying to scare followers of Tesla away from the ideas of alternating current as a solution to distribute electricity. Another and more recent example is how Tesla, the cars, and its entrepreneur, seems to be demonised in public on a daily basis today. It doesn’t require a rocket scientist (pun!) to understand where this resistance is coming from, who is paying for it, and whom are taking the money to paint things black. The paradox is that once you move beyond this resistance, you realise it can be beneficial to you, since it helps you identify your target – As in; No resistance, no innovation!

Hence, resistance towards your ideas, becomes to the entrepreneur a shiny beacon of light, helping him or her to navigate the ideas of his mind, such that he can easily discard everything not generating resistance. In fact, we can even define the amount of innovation an idea have, using the equations of electricity, by measuring Ohm (electrical resistance) towards our ideas – And the higher the Ohm (resistance), the better the idea usually is.

This is because nobody are afraid of things not containing an element of disruptance. While the existing powers always fears that which promises true change. And the existing power structures in whatever area you are innovating in, often have humongously large research departments, capable of easily measuring an idea towards status quo, and quantify its potential for change. And once they have identified some idea, that is beyond some threshold in regards to change, they will protect themselves, in order to keep the status quo, paying any price necessary to make sure things don’t change – At which point they will facilitate for you as the entrepreneur experiencing resistance, in an attempt to prevent you from changing the status quo. Hence, by intelligently observing and analysing the resistance your ideas as an entrepreneur generates, you can literally hire billion dollar research departments, to investigate if your idea is good or bad, and you can make them do your work for free!

The Black Swan and its Blue Ocean

Generating resistance every time you open your mouth becomes exhausting after a while though. So after a while, the (wise) entrepreneur starts looking for ways to innovate, without generating resistance. Instead of competing in a “red ocean”, he or she realise they can create their own “blue ocean”, where there are no sharks, and they can be the black swan – Whom the white swans cannot see, due to a lack of ability to recognise the black swan as one of their own. However, before you can reach that point, you’ll have to experience resistance, to make sure you have correctly identified your target, such that you know where to navigate, and what to create, and which ideas to simply discard.

The same way existing power structures uses “the occult” (that which is hidden) to generate resistance, the wise entrepreneur uses “that which is hidden” to avoid resistance, while still being capable of generating music in the ears of those having ears, and rainbows in the eyes of those having eyes …

However, this time he is invisible …


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