The point of balance in a Circle

In Zen, the most important shape is the circle. It illustrates the most important idea of Zen, which is that the point of balance in everything, is outside of itself, in the void at the centre of itself, where nothing exists. Arguably not a part of the circle itself, still the point of balance that sustains and upholds the circle. In entrepreneurship these same ideas can be utilised to your benefit, by realising that the most important parts to build and sustain a successful company, is not in your company, but in the void at the centre your company evolves around. The parts that are outside of your company, but still at the core of your products and services.

One obvious interpretation of this, is how pleasing your customers is paramount, and the realisation of that the company (circle) can only exist, as long as the customer (at the centre of your circle) believes in the circle (company), and is willing to have faith in its ability to deliver that which it has promised to deliver. Arguably, any entity can only exist, as long as it is given permission to exist, by that which exists at the core of its own beliefs, and it is able to justify its existence to the parts outside of itself. If it can’t, it’ll be perceived as a parasite, and the forces outside of it, will destroy it to protect itself. Obviously, the idea was that Zen Buddhism, although arguably empty at its core, needed to justify its existence, by having that outside of itself, be willing to uphold it, and sustain its existence. Which we can see in how the community around a successful Zen temple is willing to give food and other resources to a Zen temple, because the villagers themselves perceive the existence of the temple as having value for themselves. When this “contract” is broken, the temple will slowly perish and cease to exist.

Hence, do not ask yourself how to create a successful company – That is impossible. Ask yourselves rather “how can I please those around me, whom I depend upon to sustain my existence” – At which point a successful company will become the natural byproduct, and arguably the inevitable consequence …


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