Spirituality 101

The Spirituality of Money

I’ve got this cheap party trick I throw on Atheists. I ask them to put €50 on the table, and then I ask them if I can have the money. Obviously they refuse, telling me it’s their money. My answer to them at that point is “But you told me you weren’t superstitious, and that you only believed in what could be scientifically proven to be true, right?” Their answer is always “Yes!” At this point I tell them that their €50 money is actually nothing but coloured toilet paper, but that they happen to share a superstitious belief with 99.8% of the rest of the world, that results in that their money gets value – And if they look objectively upon the matters, they’ll have to admit that I am right. Scientifically and objectively, their money is literally nothing but coloured toilet paper, and has no real value at all. Hence, I am not asking them to give me anything of value, I just need some “toilet paper”, and if they were truly atheists, scientifically and sceptically minded, they would agree with me, and give me their money. The purpose of the exercise of course, is to prove that they are superstitious.

Spirituality means “inner life”, nothing more, nothing less – And we all have it. It’s the dreams we dream, the plans we create, the music we listen to, and the things we apply value to. The example with money, is there to illustrate how a person’s “inner life” gives the money value. And if spirituality in regards to money can create such impact upon the world, then (obviously) all other forms of spirituality could do the same – This implies that spirituality purely from a scientific point of view, must create some sort of “value” to the world, and that spirituality creates the world we live in. So let me ask you a simple question …

Are you still an Atheist and a sceptic?

If yes, feel free to send me your money 😉


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