The advantage of pretending to be dumb

Sometimes it’s smart to pretend to be dumb. Most people will go to great lengths to explain you things, if they feel that the receiving end doesn’t understand what they are talking about. This gives you a window of opportunity, to facilitate for a really thorough explanation about the issue at hand – While also making sure the person you are talking to truly understands the issue. If I try to explain some architectural software design pattern to another software developer for instance, I will use words and phrases that are not available to most people. If I believe the person I am talking to have no understanding of software development though, I will carefully pick my words, and use a less advanced language. This makes the receiving end capable of determining whether or not I truly understand the subject at hand, while it gives me an opportunity to simplify things, and speak in analogies, to simplify things. Regardless of how much you know about some subject, you do not truly understand it, unless you can explain it to a child, 5 years of age. This is true for quantum mechanics, and it is true for chocolate chips cookies.

Be smart, and pretend to be dumb!


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