Anarchy 101

Most people will project qualities into words that simply don’t belong there. For instance, when confronted with the word Anarchy, most people will start imagining chaos, crime, and violence. The word Anarchy is Greek though, and to most Greeks, it implies something completely different. First; it’s not one word, but two. “An” means without, and “archy” means leadership. Alternatively hierarchy, centralised control, etc. Anarchy combined hence becomes “without leaders.” It doesn’t imply anything related to chaos, murders, or crime – In fact, quite the contrary, since often the more strongly centralised control an organisation has, the more violence and crime the individual within the organisation is capable of committing on the “alter of the greater good.” Examples here includes Jonestown, the Nazis, and ISIS. All of these entities were the exact opposites of anarchy, and had extreme amounts of “centralised control.” Hence, if we study the word from a historical perspective, we have a lot of data implying that “the further humanity drifts away from anarchy, the more violence and crime there will be.”

The reasons for this are pretty simple to understand, since once you have a strong leader, you no longer need to take responsibility for your own actions. The following was the defence most people used during the Nurnberg trials.

I simply followed orders

The above is the classic excuse that justifies murders, crimes against humanity, rape, and all sorts of extreme crimes. Order followers inflict suffering unto the rest of us. Most people will label Nazis, ISIS, and Jonestown as “criminals that were breaking the law.” – When quite the opposite is true; The Nazis, Islamists and Jonestown fanatics were law abiding citizens, willing to go to extreme lengths to follow their law – They simply had “different laws” than the rest of us.

Studies shows that people who are truly anarchists, understands its core idea, and have consciously chosen to become anarchists – Are more tolerante, have greater amounts of empathy, and are in general “better neighbours” – Than those willing to follow the law, whatever the costs are. Hence, the more freedom from “centralised control” an eco system gets, the better societies we can build. This is empirically proven countless times through history.

If Anarchy is such a great thing then, why haven’t we all chosen it?

Because in human nature, is the need to follow others. It is at the core of our human nature to follow others, since we are herd animals, and we need to feel as if we are part of something larger than ourselves. We need a feeling of belonging. Centralised control also gives us a feeling that we can do things we wouldn’t normally do, because it destroys individual responsibility, and justifies all sorts of atrocities. Give people an inspired leader, and they’ll awaken their inner beasts, and do things they couldn’t even imagine themselves doing if they were responsible for their own actions.

When somebody else is responsible for our actions, the beast within us is unleashed

Really, it’s literally that simple. People voluntarily submit their freedom, and free will, because it relieves them from having to face the consequences of their own actions, and some people simply takes pleasure in acting like animals.

Anarchy is the solution to violence, crime and injustice – And you can start out easily on this path yourself; Simply avoid voting – At which point you can say “Not my President” – Regardless of what psychopath is elected into office …

Because only a psychopath wants to control other humans


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